All original paintings are painted with acrylic paint for durability on the genuine circus tent canvas, incorporating eyelets, lacing ropes, webbing, etc.

Some of the paintings notably follow the angle of the circus tent. This unusual effect compliments the paintings, making them extremely unique.

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Taking a Peek

Taking a peek

A Typical sight in the 1950s, Wirths Circus was a household name, mainly in the eastern states of Australia, traveling by train to all major towns and cities. Wirths also showed in other countries, England, USA and Europe, but was essentially an Australian Circus, showing from the late 1800s through to 1963 when it closed its doors permanently in Melbourne.

Mr. McGazza & His Princess

Mr Gazza and his princess

Mr. McGazza & his Princess. Need more be said, clowns are mostly family people and have a special rapport with their children as this painting shows.

Ashton's "A One Night Stand"

One night stand

The Ashton's Marquee being erected in Maintland NSW, Circa 1954. Ashton's Royal Olympic Circus opened in May 1854 and continued on throughout the Family until 2002, when Doug Ashton closed the doors of the main show.Joseph Ashton, "Pepe", is continuing the tradition with his show, as is also Lorraine Ashton Grant.

St. Leons Circus. "On the Bandwagon"

On the bandwagon

The bandwagons were an integral part of the circus parades through-out the 1920s-1940s, long before radio and TV advertising.

Perrys "The Last Elephant Man"

The last elephant man

Perry Bros Circus registered its business name in Launceston, Tasmania in 1847 and is still licensed to show and perform wild animals, showing consistently since that time, even through two World Wars. Perrys have fully circumnavigated the continent, showing in all cities right through to even the smallest outback towns. Perry Maynard, 6th generation of Perry Bros., is the owner, handler and trainer of the traveling circus elephant. He is the last Elephant Man.

The Unicycle Clown

Unicycle Clown

A clown is a wondrous comedian bringing laughter to the entire family with his hi-jinks and his tumbles and stumbles. What would a circus be without the clowns?

Royale's Tania


Tania, the Star of Circus Royale, during the 1970s with Frank Gasser, Proprietor and Trainer. The Gasser family arrived in Australia in 1960 from Switzerland. Establishing Circus Royale and now nearly 50 years later - Circus Olympia, bringing with them the culture of Europe to enrich the Australian Circus industry.

Circus in the dreamtime

Circus in the dreamtime

No Australian Circus would be complete without a little Dreamtime. This painting depicts a Native Circus Artist performing her dream.

Rajah The Lion


Ferocious of tooth and claw, this is Rajah the Lion, who will leave his audience gasping with amazement and awe.

Stafford Bullen and the Wonder Horse

The wonder horse

or 47 years, Bullen Bros. Circus reigned supreme in the annals of Australian Circuses. The founders, Percy and Albert Bullen, began their careers on country shows with a performing sheep and pony sideshow. In 1922 they opened their circus and became one of Australia's most memorable and largest Circuses. On the 25th May, 1969 they gave their last performance at Parramatta, NSW.

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