All original paintings are painted with acrylic paint for durability on the genuine circus tent canvas, incorporating eyelets, lacing ropes, webbing, etc.

Some of the paintings notably follow the angle of the circus tent. This unusual effect compliments the paintings, making them extremely unique.

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Agricultural Shows

The Boxing Tent

The Boxing Tent

Will we ever forget the "Good Old Days" when the showgrounds were wall to wall people, the fairy floss and toffee apples, the giant chair-o-plane ride, the ferris wheel and the merry-go-round, the side shows and games and the banging of the drums and the ringing of the bells as the boxing tent swings into action? Yes they were the good old days.

Yesterdays Sideshow Alley

Yesterdays sideshow alley

All agricultural shows in Australia were closed during the period of the 2nd World War. This painting is of the first show held in Melbourne after the War Years in September 1947.

Slim Dusty

Slim Looking Forward Looking Back

A man who needs no introduction, he was a true icon in Australian Showbusiness. Slim Dusty became a legend in his own time, performing for many years as a sideshow operator, traveling the length and breadth of this vast country, giving wonderful entertainment to untold thousands of families. Slim has gone now. He has joined all those other great showmen, Tex Morton, Buddy Williams, Tim McNamara, Reg Lindsay and Smoky Dawson.

It's Showtime

It's showtime

I stand in awe of seeing the flashing lights and hear the thundering sounds of the crack and boom of fireworks.
The push and jostle of the human tide as it flows around the magical machinery that thrusts up high into the sky. The Smorgasbord of food that tantalizes my taste buds.
The colour, the wonderful, thrilling excitement of the Annual Show that has come to town. Here today, gone tomorrow, it's Showtime!!!

Wet Day at The Show

Wet day at the show

After years of the worst drought Australia has ever known, the rain came at Showtime. It rained for the entire duration of the Show in Mackay in Nth Qld., 2007, but the crowds were not to miss their annual show.

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